A guest post by Len Isham (@LenIsham):

This June the Social Engineering Penetration Testers is coming to Detroit and offers the unique ability to take this class without incurring additional travel costs. The class scheduled adjacent to BSides Detroit.

First lets do a cost breakdown of a typical week long technical training class with travel costs included using my costs from taking the training in Seattle earlier this year:

$3,500 Typical cost for week of technical training
$2,000 My costs for the flight, rental car and hotel
$5,500 Typical total costs

Taking the class locally removes the typical travel expenses and since the class only costs $3,500 is actually cheaper than a typical class with travel expenses. There is also a discount* if a company sends more than one person to the class.

Also if you can afford to pay for part of the class will your employer cover the rest of the cost? If you are considering paying for part or all of the class consider paying before December 31st and it becomes an 2012 expense that may reduce the money you pay to Uncle Sam.

Remember taking this class helps you protect your company from social engineering attacks, and has the added benefit of increasing your soft skills. How may other technical classes can offer that?


*3-5 $250 per person off
6+ $500 per person off